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Why SEAS HOMES is Cost Effective?

One thinks twice to build any structure when it comes to cost. Especially when one has to pay from his/her pocket. But there are few important aspects that one should consider when he/she is concerned about the cost.

  1. Short Term Investment

  2. Long Term Investment

When we say short term, it means immediate investment e.g. construction cost. And long term means the cost involved to maintain the house.

The balance of both short term and long term investment is very important. At the end we need to be cost effective.

To understand how SEAS HOMES is cost effective, following parameters need to be understood.

1. Material Cost –

Material cost for SEAS Homes may be close to that of conventional construction. So, one

may not save much on material cost compare to conventional one. However SEAS HOMES provide the test certificates of each and every material that we use. So SEAS HOMES commits to provide the quality assurance on the material we use. Also all the material we use is factory made and comes with high control precision. This means SEAS HOMES material is tested and approved that too in same costing compare to that of conventional.

2. Labour Cost –

SEAS Homes Construction work is not laborious at all. The speed of construction almost

double than the conventional so manpower require is much lesser. Also, with few

technicians and limited time SEAS HOMES can complete the construction. On SEAS homes you can save considerable amount of money on labour cost. SEAS HOMES work with skilled technicians so they are technically sound and can they never compromise on quality.

3. Transportations –

All the Material that we use is green, sustainable and light in weight. So, transportation

efficiency can be achieved. So, it can be said that there will be good amount of saving on

transportations in SEAS homes constructions.

4. Return on Investment –

When one does investment for house and if construction take more than expected time,

then we can not say that we have good return on investment. For example to build any 1000 sqft conventional building, it takes around 4-5 months minimum. However in SEAS Homes

technology, you can get key of 1000 sq ft house within 2 months also. That means we one

gets early return on your investment.

5. Salvage Value –

SEAS Homes are made with steel and recyclable dry walls. So even after 50 years if you want

to demolish house or construct new house, you can get good salvage value of steel. Reason

being its steel do not get corrode or damage even after so many days. But in RCC brick wall

construction, not a single element can be relived and so it has very less salvage value.

6. Carpet area –

SEAS Homes provide the strongest house with only 140 to 180 mm walls. But in RCC

minimum thickness of external walls will be around 230 to 280mm. So, you can get more

carpet area in SEAS Homes compare to conventional. So, if we calculate value of house per

square carpet area, you can get more value for SEAS Homes.

7. False ceiling –

In SEAS homes, by default you will get false ceiling but in RCC you must pay extra for smooth false ceiling. Here also you save considerable amount of money.

8. Maintenance –

SEAS Homes literally do not require any maintenance. Even after 10 years down, building

looks very new. This is the biggest advantage. In RCC conventional construction especially in

heavy rainfall region, fungi and black colour marks start appearing. Also, people need to

invest a lot on waterproofing as ceiling start leaking.

9. Electric bills –

SEAS Homes are insulated, and you can enjoy your summer without switching on fans and

AC. This itself tell that you can save almost 30-40% on electric bills for lifetime. So, suppose

you get 1000 INR bill every month, you can save 300 INR per month every month. So, in 50

years you can save around 2 lakhs. This is good savings just on electricity.

But RCC homes are not thermally insulated. You need to provide insulations externally and

so extra investment you need to make.

10. Value for money –

This is something most of the common man ignore in sake of saving few amounts of money

and fill guilty of not choosing correct solution. The quality and comfort of living LGSF

technology (SEAS Homes) house provides is beyond the imaginations. The smooth finish,

thermally insulated house, strong construction, safe house and many more benefits you get

with SEAS Homes with almost same price of RCC. So if we talk on value for money

perspective, SEAS Homes wins hands down.

SEAS Homes provides you tones of benefits compare to RCC conventional construction. Also on money point of view, on short term you may not see much cost difference but in long terms you save good amount of money with SEAS Homes.

So choose SEAS Homes.

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