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This website privacy policy describes how SEAS HOMES protects and make a use of information you provide. 

As you are asked to provide your personal information in terms of form filling or subscription format, it will be only used as per privacy policy provided here. 

If you have any concerns about these policies, please write to us on 


WE gather specific personal contact details so that we can provide accurate information about products and services.

Also we gather the information to understand the exact requirements of our visitors. 

What Data we gather

We may collect

  • Name

  • Contact details like email id, Mobile number

  • Demographic information like City

  • Other information related to client's enquiry

How We use these data - 

Collecting these data will help to understand what you are looking from the company.

  • These data will be used only for internal records

  • To improve our product and services as per clients enquires

  • To contact you in case of specifica requirements

  • To provide technical details to you on email id

  • To provide promotional emails, information, campaigns that may be useful for you,

Cookies and your personal data - 

Cookies are small digital signature data which is stored by your browser to improve your user experience that allow your preferences to be recorded when you visit the website. They may also be used track your return visits to website. 

  • We don't collect your personal data until you provide on website

  • We do not share your personal details to anyone except the company internal departments. 

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